Education: In Search of Silver Linings

In less than two weeks we welcome the students back for the start of another school year.  As I prepare to return, refreshed and ready for another attempt at making our school the best place to work and learn, I attempt to stay a step ahead of the chaos that comes naturally with the launch of every school year.

I recently heard the author of “Water the Bamboo,” Greg Bell speak at a conference in Portland, Oregon.  He began his keynote presentation with this statement, “Each and every one of you are a miracle.”  It reminded me to think of how to begin each day focused on the miracles we serve in our school. Knowing myself pretty well I realize I am not naturally driven by the affective side of leadership.  However, I do my best to learn and grow continuously which means I need to continue this year being more aware of the emotional needs of those I encounter.  Mr. Bell also shared that he starts each day asking himself what is going well, personally and professionally.  His point being that if we focus only on the negative we miss celebrating what is going well.  He also ends his day with asking himself what went well.  So, let’s try it.  As we walk into a new school year, what is going well and where are the silver linings?

good The Good

What is going well in our school and district?  First, our teachers are professional, dedicated, and committed to our students.  We’ve worked diligently to establish and maintain genuine professional relationships that blur lines of traditional hierarchy to ensure there are minimal barriers to student success.  All stakeholders in the school community have input – administrators, teachers, parents, students, community members, etc.  This has provided a multi-layered position of support for our teachers and our school.  There is much work to continue in this area, but we’ve started a great process that will only have a positive return.  In addition to our teachers, we have amazing students with so many talents including academics and beyond.  By recognizing the talents beyond academics we are better able to address the education of a young person not just a test score.  This is something that makes me extremely proud.  Finally, our district is on the verge of something great.  As we continue to break down barriers to our success and overcome obstacles that keep us from being the best school corporation in the state of Indiana. We have the potential, and we are getting one step closer each day.

The Bad

If you’ve followed the professional dysfunction in Indiana you’ll know there is continuous conflict with our State Superintendent and the State Board of Education.  I feel embarrassed for our state.  The ugly, in my opinion, is the politics in education that serve a purpose other than making our children the priority.  Whether you are Team Ritz or Team (everyone else but Ritz), it is a lack of professionalism and leadership that sets the tone for the climate of education in our state.  It breaks my heart.  I’d like to believe anyone invested in schools has the right intentions along with enough heart and passion to make the educational experience better for children, not to advance political agendas.

Silver Liningssilver-linings-playbook-quotes-4

Have you ever seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook?  Minus the vulgar language and the oddly fascinating love story, I connected to the idea of finding a silver lining no matter your situation. No matter what our situation, we find a way to do what is best for children.  Millions of dollars of funding have been lost over the last five years to Indiana property tax caps and has caused many challenges at our local level.  Yes, we are given less funding per child than the state average.  Sure, we have class sizes that are way larger than we are comfortable with at most grade levels.  No, we don’t have enough funding to support the type of technology to keep us innovative at all levels.  Do we pay our teachers like we want to, absolutely not.

However, little is standing in our way of getting our job done.  Our teachers make it work by showing up every day committed to our students. Individual schools and our district as a whole continue to score well on our state accountability tests and we provide a well rounded educational experience to provide a variety of programs from athletics to the performing arts.  This is our sliver lining, what is yours?

Sincerely yours,


Next Up:  Tips for Launching an Effective School Year


About HMG

Most importantly, I am a wife and mom. I have two beautiful children. Our family faces the same individual and family challenges you do. Professionally, I have taught first and fifth grade, was an instructional/reading coach at the elementary and intermediate level, a building principal and assistant principal. I truly believe the key to being happy is to find the silver lining in all things. It's our time to make positive change in our world - let's do this!

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