About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I am searching for professionals across the world in order to connect and grow.  Education in the United States is in crisis.  I seek answers and solutions to the challenges we face every day in our school.

All opinions shared here are my own, and what you read here is based on my personal and professional experiences.

I have served as a first and fifth grade teacher.  I loved my time in the classroom, but felt driven to make a larger impact.  I worked at a residential treatment facility while in college, which helped me understand children (especially boys) on a much different level.  My strengths in the classroom were management and motivation, teaching reading and writing, and organizing my professional learning community to ensure our work was effective and efficient.

I was fortunate to be hired as an instructional coach serving two different school corporations.  During this time I endured extreme professional growth in the areas of teaching, coaching, and leadership.  I traveled the country learning from experts in the field, then brought back the information to our teachers.  My strengths as a coach were data analysis, observation and coaching to improve instructional practices, and getting results.  I was challenged by the many teachers and administrators who resisted change for one reason or another, and learned the art of communication and compromise in this role.  It was during my time as an instructional coach I obtained my masters degree and licensure in supervision and administration.

My first administrative experience was a building principal role in a smaller community north of Indianapolis.  My strengths as an administrator are directly correlated to my service as an instructional coach.  I was a born instructional leader.  I learned through painful failure how to build relationships and manage the organization effectively.  Currently I serve as an assistant principal in a larger, suburban community west of Indianapolis.


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